Sex And Women’s Brains-What You Guys Need to Know

You might have noticed that men and women are not the same. They not only look different, but men’s brains work in an entirely different way than women’s brains. We’re meant to complement each other. That is fine, but as guys we run into trouble because we assume that women think the same way we…Read more Sex And Women’s Brains-What You Guys Need to Know

“Live Pure and Free” Book Nominated!

I'm excited to report that my purity devotional book, Live Pure and Free-The 90 Day Game Changer has been nominated for a Christian Indy Award. The Christian Indy Awards honor Christian books by independent authors and small publishers for outstanding contribution to Christian life. This award is kind of a people's choice award. Voting has now…Read more “Live Pure and Free” Book Nominated!

Celebration Tour! “Live Pure and Free”

Live Pure and Free will be on a Celebration Blog Tour starting September 1st and running through September 14th. Every day a blogger will either post a review of the book, have a spotlight for it, or feature an interview with the author. Oh, that's me. Follow the tour and share the link with your…Read more Celebration Tour! “Live Pure and Free”