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Have you been living with the weight of sexual sin for years now? Are you pretty good for a time and then you fall back into porn or flirting again and cannot get out of this discouraging pattern?

There is hope! I was in that pattern myself for many years, but finally sought help and have been free from the chains of porn for 14 years. You can be free and live a pure life. There is freedom and forgiveness in Christ.

The culmination of three and a half years of writing, and 10 years of leading weekly groups, I offer valuable insights and strategies to help any man who seriously wants to start living a pure life and stay pure. Take this 90 day journey and you will have everything in place to succeed.

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I am thrilled to report that there are now 26 reviews for the book on Amazon and a 4.9 star average!

Sam Black, Vice President of Business Development at Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability gave the book a 5 star rating on Amazon and said this to me about it:

Freedom is a journey. Dave provides daily guidance and inspiration in this 90 day reading plan. His ‘Take Action’ items help guys grow and reach for freedom that they didn’t know was possible!


Dave Johnson wrote this about the book in an Amazon review:

Whether we admit it or not, as men, we all struggle with issues of purity. We are bombarded constantly and ceaselessly with temptation nearly every hour of very day. Dave has a great heart for us all, and his book is a terrific aid for each and every one of us. Thank you brother for a great, and extremely timely tool to help us stay between the lines…

Besides the Amazon reviews, many glowing endorsements have come in about the book.

Here are a few of the glowing endorsements with endorsement first followed by the name of the endorser.

6/18/20- I just received a wonderful endorsement for my book, “Live Pure and Free.” Daniel Henderson was the pastor at Grace Church when we started the weekly men’s purity groups. He was a great supporter of the work we were doing with the men of the community.
Daniel Henderson now works with pastors all over the US and the world through his Strategic Renewal, and the 6:4 Fellowship.
His endorsement of the book is precious to me. I hope it is meaningful to you as well.
He said:

“Most Christian men struggle in knowing how to talk about, understand, and find victory in their battle with sexual integrity. I was privileged to watch the journey of Dave Howe in the years I served as his pastor. His understanding of this issue is authentic and practical. His teaching is biblical and liberating. His book, Live Pure and Free, can serve as the open door to freedom that you’ve been looking for. Walk through that door in the grace and power of Jesus Christ.”

Daniel Henderson
President – Strategic Renewal
Global Director – the 6:4 Fellowship


Live Pure and Free- The 90 Day Game Changer would be effective for the man just starting his purity journey as well as the man who has been on the journey for some time.  The Late Mark Laaser, M.Div., Ph.D., Founder of Faithful and True


It’s one thing to make a decision to end a sexual addiction; it’s another thing to walk it out. Howe’s resource, Live Pure and Free, is a powerful 90-day guide that equips men to combat excuses and deception with biblical truths that pave the way to lasting freedom. His candid admissions and personal story of overcoming a seemingly unbeatable addiction to lust and porn is both inspiring and empowering.  Laura Gallier, Author of five books, a bible study, and a parent guide. Laura is also a popular speaker on sex-related values and relationships.


Freedom in the area of sexuality is something men are fighting for daily and often losing. This devotional brings wisdom, humility and understanding to the battle. Men will find ways to begin winning again from what they find here. It also serves as a ready made guide for mentors and leaders who are looking to impact other men in the area of sexual purity.    Pastor Mac Threinen at Radiant Church Winona, MN


No greater challenging or distressing topics affect the church today than lust, pornography, and sexual addiction, but the reality is that the church has been lagging in addressing and confronting this oncoming tsunami that will impact all men. Live Pure and Free really is a game-changer that allows men to not only acknowledge the battle, but attack it head on. I am confident that, if men work through this 90-day devotional, they will understand what victory looks like.  Bob Coughlin, Pastor to Men at Grace Church Eden Prairie, MN


What a blessing it is that Dave Howe had the courage, faith, and honesty to write Live Pure and Free. And what a blessing it will be for those who have the courage, faith, and honesty to read it.  Bob Hostetler, author of fifty books, and Literary Agent with the Steve Laube Agency. 


 I spent my teen years trapped in a porn addiction. I wish I had this book. I wish I had let godly men in to my struggle so that they could lead me to Jesus, who alone could lead me to freedom. This 90 day journey is packed with truth from the Bible. The truth will set you free! Dave shares the misery of his struggles, the spiritual battle that men face in this whole realm of sexuality, and specific, practical, concrete, tough, honest steps that men can take, in the power of God, to get porn out of lives. Freedom is possible! Get this book. Grab some other men to join you in this 90 day journey. Don’t wait. The best time to get free is right now. Dr. Rob Rienow, Visionary Family Ministries,


sexual impurity destroying your life? Do you feel defeated as your self-effort to break free proves ineffective over and over again? Let Dave Howe come alongside you as a man who has lived on this slippery slope and discovered stability and freedom in Christ through the application of God’s Word. There IS hope—and reading Live Pure and Free can help you find it.  Bob Bevington, co-author with Jerry Bridges, The Bookends of the Christian Life


 I love the fact that Dave’s devotional isn’t just about thoughts.  Each devotional gives practical action that can be taken!  This devotional can be a straight arrow in any man’s quiver who wants to walk in purity!  Nock it on your bowstring and shoot it!  You’ll be glad you did.  James M. Reeves, DMin. Senior Pastor, City On A Hill, Fort Worth, TX Author, Refuge, and Life Change for Couples


  Live Pure and Free is a book that every man should read. Dave packs a gospel-punch into a 5-minute devotional that is concise enough to fit into any schedule, but powerful enough to change any heart. Dave is a seasoned expert and a worthy guide who can show you the path to freedom from sexual sin. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy today.  Dr. Josh Mulvihill is the Executive Director of Church and Family Ministry at Renewanation. Author of Preparing Children for Marriage: How to Teach God’s Good Design for Marriage, Dating, Sex, and Purity


 Live Pure and Free- The 90 Day Game Changer.  Is just that, it’s a game changer.  With practical daily applications and scriptures that cause you to engage deep into your healing, will bring you to a place where you start to see life through fresh eyes and a healthy heart. Through Dave’s own struggles in his life, you can see his heart for helping other seek freedom through this devotion.  And knowing Dave and the time and effort he has put into so many men for so long, it is no wonder that this is truly a powerful piece to add to your daily walk.  Though it’s 90 days, it something that I will continue to cycle through.  As we grow in our healing and learn more about what God has for us, this Devotion will help you see who you are in Christ, and see what great things he has done in your life. Are you ready for a change? Are you looking to step up and be who God called you to be? The 90 Day Game Changer will do just that. Rich Moore, Pure Desire Ministries – International Group Coordinator, Author  of The Silent Battle


 Love it, a tool guys can use with the word to heal and restore! I want this book for all the guys I talk to about other addiction like drugs and alcohol, A lot of times when we remove those addictions we see sexual sin beneath it all. This book will help you see that God can and will set you free and you will be free indeed. John 8:34-36- “Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

As I read through this it helps me look at how weak I was before surrendering my pride to God. Often times it’s so easy to hide lust and addiction to porn and think our sin is to great for Jesus Blood to cover, it is upside down pride to think this. We also think its hidden and no one can see it. Other addictions destroy you’re life right in front of people eyes, Porn and lust is a slippery slope that destroys you slowly building up over time. Killing you from the inside out and crushing marriages and destroy lives. Hitting our knees and surrendering to God is the only way out! This Book with the Word of God will Heal and strengthen. Christ forgiveness covers all! I think multiple copies in the homes I open would be a great resource!  Tim Malloy, Reviving Homes Ministries-Homes that Engage, Revive and Ignite men in Christ centered living to become Christ centered men, Rebuilding Lives, Families and Homes one man at a time.


What a wonderful, heartfelt approach to sexual purity! Dave writes from his experience: his struggles and his triumphs. He is not ashamed to admit his departure from Christ.

He does not hold back in what he went through and has encouraging words throughout the book for those who are going through, or have gone through, the same issues. Fr. Robert Hart, Former Pastor, Church of St. Patrick Catholic Church, Inver Grove Heights, MN 


 I have known Dave Howe for a number of years. Dave is the real deal. He has been through the sexual purity wars and come out victorious. He has fought against the pornography so pervasive in our world. He has seen God give him victory after victory in this arena. It is a delight to commend to you his devotional book, “Live Pure and Free: The 90 Day Game Changer.” Although a devotional book, it includes practical instruction on living in sexual purity and what it’s like to experience true intimacy with one’s wife and God. Dave is no “ivory tower theologian.” He is a layman like many of us but a layman in whom God has done a powerful work.

I’m especially delighted that his book includes counsel and action for both married and single men. Both groups struggle to be sexually pure but the differences are obvious. I’m also delighted that Dave has included both a Pray section, inviting men to pray for God to do miracles in their lives, and a Take Action section which challenges men to act on what they’ve read. Action is critical for change to occur. The essence of repentance is not simply changed thinking but changed behavior. When the Prodigal Son came to his senses and changed his thinking he didn’t stay in the pigpen. He took action, got up, and began the long, humbling journey home (Luke 15). May the Lord call many of His men to do the same as they leave the pigpen of pornography and find their way home to the Father who loves them and runs to embrace them upon their return.

I commend Dave’s book to all men. As his wife, Barb, phrased it, “Any man with a pulse!” Amen, sister! Amen!  Dr. Irv “Sarge” Woolf, Hopewell Counseling, Osseo, MN,


Live Pure and Free is a must for all men, single or married, desiring to be the Pure Bride for Christ. Dave discloses his wounds in his battle for purity, but reveals his victory through Christ Jesus.

The African Coalition of Purity will incorporate this devotional in our material for all men that attend our purity conferences. Thank you, Dave, for your humility and honesty in providing for us this long overdue purity devotional.  John Pipes, CEO, African Coalition for Purity. Jinja, Uganda


I have known Dave Howe for many years, and I’ve had the privilege of witnessing him minister to many men who experience sexual addiction. The results have been amazing, as Dave led them down the road of redemption, which is only found in Christ Jesus.

Live Pure and Free is an amazing book that will minister to the heart and soul of any man, and start you on your journey to freedom. The daily devotion, coupled with prayer and application is an effective combination, which enables men to experience daily results.

Praise God for your obedience to this call Dave, and I pray that men all around the globe will experience freedom and peace from the pages of your book. John Steger, Minneapolis, MN


 Dave Howe has written a gem of a resource for men who want to get serious about living a life of sexual integrity. As one who has walked this path himself, he writes from a place of experience, not hypothetically. The daily devotional format allows for bite-sized nuggets of truth to be digested and practically integrated. Whether married or single this book will encourage and challenge you in your pursuit of purity. We need more men to step out of the dark and into the Light of God’s grace and truth — you were made to Live Pure and Free.      Jonathan Daugherty, Founder & President, Be Broken Ministries, San Antonio, TX


Dave Howe has written a fantastic resource for men who are on the recovery journey from lust, pornography, or sexual bondage. Romans 12 encourages us that we will be transformed by the renewing of the mind. This 90-day experience gives men a tool to do exactly that. Dave combines the wonderful, freeing truth of Scripture with practical wisdom that can be put into action immediately. Not only that, but Dave has been living out this wisdom and field-testing it for over a decade.  I believe that the 5-10 minutes invested in this resource on a daily basis could create a foundation for lasting change. Alongside group work and accountability partners on the journey with us, Living Pure and Free creates a ‘chord of three strands’ for real transformation. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to go beyond the classic ‘try harder’ approach. This book points you to real freedom!  Nick Stumbo, Executive Director of Pure Desire Ministries, Author, Setting Us Free and SAFE


Some years ago, Dave introduced me to the path of pure living and personal integrity and, convicted and convinced that I must get help, and then help others get free, I started on my way to purity, and I now lead men to become what God made them for. Our churches are filled with spiritually anemic guys just hiding out, wishing for redemption but not understanding themselves or why they lose every time in this arena. There is a way out, into the light, no more hiding, no more lying, no more shame.

In practical action steps, and not mere admonitions, Dave gives any man something to agree with and dig into. Each day the sun is brighter, hope returns, and the integrity, which is our gift to ourselves, both humbles us before a forgiving God and strengthens us for the job we have to do, leading our churches, wives and children back into the light.

I congratulate my friend on this achievement, and I warmly recommend this book to every man who is desperate enough to reach for help and a new, powerful life. The Rt. Rev. Peter F. Hansen is a bishop for the Anglican Province of Christ the King. He has served parishes of this province since 1981 and still is active in priesthood to a church in Chico, California. Hansen has been married to Giti Zarnegar 44 years. Hansen also helped establish the Chico Police Chaplains Association in 1999 where he still serves police and public in times of trials. He has published I WAS THERE – Eye Witnesses at the Foot of the Cross (Westbow Press, 2015) and is writing a series of novels about a police chaplain. He leads Pure Desire groups in Chico.