Celebration Tour! “Live Pure and Free”

Live Pure and Free will be on a Celebration Blog Tour starting September 1st and running through September 14th. Every day a blogger will either post a review of the book, have a spotlight for it, or feature an interview with the author. Oh, that's me. Follow the tour and share the link with your…Read more Celebration Tour! “Live Pure and Free”

Connect to the Power Sources for True Change

Habit will reconcile us to everything but change.-C.C.Colton Lacon, 1825 Habit is stronger than reason.-Santayana, Interpretations of Poetry and Religion 1900 A friend recently posted on Facebook about his battle with a Tootsie Roll(™). He is trying to stick with a healthy diet and instead of just popping the free candy in his mouth he…Read more Connect to the Power Sources for True Change