I had a wonderful talk with profession radio personality Jodie Stevens on her new podcast. We talked about addictions in general and then specifically about alcohol, drugs and sexual addictions. Jodie Stevens is a recovering alcoholic herself. Give a listen!

Escaping Sexual Addiction (Shame and Pornography in the Church) Episode 6

Here is what Jodie Stevens said about the interview:

Join me as I talk with author Dave Howe about how he was set free from sexual addiction. We discuss the commonalities of all addictions-things like living a double life, hiding stuff, and binging/purging. We will also talk about the importance of accountability and coming out of isolation. Learn about how you or your loves one can find freedom from sexual addiction and other addictions, as well as how to break free from shame. We will also talk about pornography and the church today, and how someone can stay pure.

Escaping Sexual Addiction (Shame and Pornography in the Church)

Writers and Authors on FIRE


What an honor to be interviewed by John Vonhof for  Writers & Authors on FIRE. I met John at the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference in Santa Cruz California.

The interview is focused on my book, Live Pure and Free- The 90 Day Game Changer. I loved John’s questions because they led to a discussion of  the process of book writing, and my motivation to write the book. We get into what it takes to write devotions and on the difficulties of writing tough subject matter.

Podcast is no longer available.

Fireside Talk Radio With Cathy Krafve

Dave and Barb Howe share what works in the battle for freedom from porn addiction. How can wives or mothers bring up the topic when they suspect there’s a problem? What can moms do to help their young sons avoid porn addiction? How can churches offer hope to men? Barb offer wisdom and even some catch phrases that soften the drama. This courageous couple takes on one of our culture’s most taboo topics with grace and insight. Don’t miss this episode for battle-worthy strategies!

Listen to the interview with Cathy Krafve titled: Freedom for Men. Their Wisdom: Success in the Battle for Purity with Dave Howe.  https://cathykrafve.com/2018/07/