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For you, this may be the most joyous and fun nine days of the year. Give God the glory for your blessings. But for many, these days are a struggle.

I’m talking about Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day.

For many of us these are the nine longest days of the year. For those:

  • from dysfunctional families where the holidays were painful times of chaos
  • whose marriages have crumbled and the holidays have not been full of joy
  • who are approaching their first holiday season as a non-drinker, a non-smoker, or without whatever drug they were addicted to in past years
  • working on their freedom from sexual addiction facing their family of origin who may be the source of much pain that they have been medicating with sex or drugs
  • whose spouse died this year and are facing their first Christmas season alone
  • divorced and facing their first Christmas alone…

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5 thoughts on “The Nine Longest Days of The Year

  1. Yep. I have a hard time over the holidays. I don’t often see my children and I am excluded in the Christmas events. I can remember planning Christmas and trying to not make it about the date, but about a day we could celebrate it didn’t even need to be On that specific day. I left much room over time to not infringe on the family of the other side. The true meaning of Christmas is JESUS after all. Time makes things easier to adjust that the real meaning isn’t about any of the worldly events but about God giving us a redeemer. Salvation the forgiveness of sin. That we repent and give to Lord and are forgiven, we are washed clean. The word that can bring us to this is the BIBLE. Encouraging each other and not condemning others but seeing them through the eyes of our God the Father.


  2. Great reminder that we really don’t understand what others are suffering this Christmas season. We need to keep this in mind and watch how we might be able to help others. God bless


  3. A good reminder to those of us who are blessed with another joyous holiday time. May I be sensitive to the pain this time of year causes for many others. Thankfully, what we are celebrating is of extreme significance and something to rejoice about no matter the circumstances. Our Savior was born and made a way for us to live eternally with Him. Through Him we have hope that next year will be better.


  4. It’s so important and especially difficultfor some to keep the focus inn Christ. I wonder what we can do to make this season brighter for those you mention. God’s truth is relevant and His love and care satisfying for all.


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