“Live Pure and Free- The 90 Day Game Changer” The new book!

Have you been living with the weight of sexual sin for years now? Are you pretty good for a time and then you fall back into porn or flirting again and cannot get out of this discouraging pattern?

There is great hope! I was in that pattern myself for many years, but finally sought help and have been free from the chains of porn for 14 years. You can be free and live a pure life. There is freedom and forgiveness is Christ.

The culmination of 3 and a half years of writing, and 10 years of leading weekly groups, I offer valuable insights and strategies to help any man who seriously wants to start living a pure life and stay pure. Take this 90 day journey and you will have everything in place to succeed.

You can order Live Pure and Free- The 90 Day Game Changer from your local bookseller, Christian bookstore, church bookstore, or from Amazon online.

There are 10 five star reviews for the book on Amazon. Many glowing endorsements have come in about the book. Here are a few: