Many of you have asked about how to use Live Pure and Free in a small group. Here it is! I am confident that you will find this guide just what you need to start helping your men now!

Compared to other options you have for purity small group materials, this is your best choice. It is also the least expensive program available today.

Live Pure and Free The 90 Day Game Changer 

by Dave Howe

Group Study Guidelines- Quick Start

Thank you for choosing Live Pure and Free The 90 Day Game Changer for your group study. This book has proven to be a great resource for Christian men who are serious about finding their freedom in Christ from lust, porn, and other sexual sin.

Group Study Overview

The entire 90 days can be structured as an 18-week study, working on five devotions per week. Two days are free days: the day of your weekly meeting, and Sunday, for example.

Pick a day of the week to meet, such as Thursday. Day 1 in this chart is Day 1 in Live Pure and Free. Continue to follow this pattern.

1st Mtg.Day 1Day 2
offDay 3Day 4Day 52nd Mtg.Day 6Day 7
offDay 8Day 9Day 103rd Mtg.Day 11Day 12
offDay 13Day 14Day 154th Mtg.Day 16Day 17
offDay 18Day 19Day 205th Mtg.Day 21Day 22

 Suggested meeting length is one and a half hours.

 Ideal group size is six to eight.

When to start group studies

You can start the group any time. For a perfect fit, start the last week of August for the fall session and mid-January for the winter/spring session. A spring/summer session could be started the fourth week of April.

Allies or battle buddies– I encourage you to have men work in pairs and exchange phone and other contact information.  This gives them an ally to talk to during the week.

Provide a complete schedule at the first meeting- This way they will know what happens during holidays. And they can be sure they are preparing the correct assignments if they have to miss a meeting. 

Meeting Structure

  1. Open in Prayer– Start each meeting in prayer. Allow participants to lead prayer.
  1. Scripture Memorization– Assign a Scripture verse to memorize each week. Take the Scripture from the first day after your meeting to be the memory verse for the week. In the example above it would be the Scripture Day 1 after the first meeting, the Scripture in Day 6 after your second meeting, etc. Take time during the meeting to break out into pairs so men can recite the verse to each other by memory.
  1. Review the “Take Action” items-  Go through each day’s devotion and have the men share what they have written for that day. Have each man answer the question:

“How are you going to apply what you’ve learned to your life this week?”

  1. Discussion- Have an open time of discussion after you finish going through the answers to each day’s “Take Action” items. Note: If you allow too much discussion during the reading of the answers you will run out of time. If you like, you can allot some of the discussion time for men to talk about any particular struggles they are experiencing.
  1. Close in Prayer

Final Thoughts– I hope you have found this Quick Start guide helpful and that it gives you the confidence to get a group started. It is meant to be a starting point to which you will add your  creativity and personality. 

Let me know if you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions. God bless you for helping other men in their quest for freedom.

Dave Howe

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